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Balance of Power

The third Hebridonia campaign was played in 2001. It started in Cromdale and ended outside the destroyed Demarian city of Sunai. This campaign is unique in that it takes place 'in the past' in comparison to 'modern Hebridonia' in the year 1022.

From the original background information and introduction:

Below are the session summaries from the games, along with an epilogue that wraps things up and provides a transition to the Hebridonia VI adventure:



<td>December 2001</td> <tr><td>View to a Kill</th> <td>37 Orran, 810</td> <td>December 2001</td> </tr> <tr><td>Epilogue</th> <td>37 Orran, 810</td> <td>----</td> </tr>
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Session Title</th>Game Dates </th>Session Date</th></tr>
From Hebridonia, With Love</th> 34 Orran - 36 Orran, 810 December 2001
Clayfinger</th> 36 Orran - 37 Orran, 810 December 2001
Live and Let Die</th> 37 Orran, 810 December 2001
Thunderball</th> <td>37 Orran, 810