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Hebridonia V

This is the fifth adventure in the Hebridonia setting, which was designed to start shortly after the original adventure concluded. This campaign is different from all the previous adventures because it was delivered through GEAS (Group Editing and Authoring Software), rather than typical table-top sessions. While many of the characters were exceptionially designed, with elaborate backstories and in some cases preliminary NPC interactions, the adventure never fully got rolling due to difficulties in role-playing in the chosen medium.

Though the full adventure was never realized, several of the characters and their backstories have been woven into subsequent campaigns. Most notably, Gheist appears in Hebridonia VI as an occasional NPC, along with several related associates (Nyria, and Elyse). Rouden Whitelock was played as a PC in Hebridonia VII, as well as Gurna Flintfall.

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