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Against the Fall of Night

This is the section of the Hebridonia Wiki for Campaign 6 (originally titled "Against the Fall of Night"). This part of the Wiki will have session summaries, notes, etc pertaining to the Campaign 6 sessions. Navigation to the related sessions appears below.

The party so far:

For activites that had taken place almost immediately before see: Hebridonia I and Hebridonia V. Hebridonia I took place several days before this campaign and ended on Assynt the 25th. Hebridonia V was to take place almost immediately after Hebridonia I.
Summary of the sessions for "Against the Fall of Night"
Starting on Assynt the 28th.
Session 1: The Gathering Storm
Session 2: Sole Survivor
Session 3: Islay Manor
Session 4: Fonte
Session 5: Inventory Runs Amok
Session 6: Diaspora
Session 7: Call the Wolf
Session 8: Jailbreak
Session 9: Nightfall
Session 10: Resumption
Session 11
Session 12
Session 13: The Demons Within
Session 14: Exorcising Nymvayas
Session 15: First Contact
Session 16: Nemuro
Session 17: Giant's Thunder
Session 18: Sleeping Giants
Session 19: Vortices and Whorls
Session 20: Ouroboros
Session 21: Ouroboros Pt 2
Session 22: Hunter or Hunted?
Session 23: The Saiji
Session 24: The Oncoming Storm
Session 25: The Missing and the Dead
Session 26: Tears for the Fallen
Session 27
Session 28
Session 29
Session 30
Session 31: Unbroken Chain
Session 32
Session 33: Something for Everyone
Session 34: A Stranger in the Dark

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