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Hebridonia Strikes Back

This game was played in Madison, WI at the beginning of May, 2004 as a one-shot.

Synopsis: (Assynt 32, 1022 E.C.)

The Regent meets with a group of specialists assembled to perform a surgical mission into Demaria. The team consists of:

The Regent provides some limited background on recent events (covered in Hebridonia I), and shows the team a box roughly the size of a humidor that the Demarian infiltrators used to exchange messages with other Demarians. Researchers at the Mage Corps have determined that all the messages pass through a facility in the Demarian city of Nurain. The team is given the assignment to find the facility, infiltrate it, and apply magical sheets of paper to the bottom of the receiving message boxes, that when activated will make a copy of the message and send it to a box in the Mage corps. If they are unable to install the papers undetected, then their mission is to destroy the facility, thereby disrupting the Demarian's communications network.

The team is provided with disguises, and other requested materials, then taken to the Mage Corps where Mazeriyan briefs them on their mode of travel. With the help of a "boomerang displacement", the team will be gated to a location outside the city, where they will have up to 24 hours to complete their task and return to the anchor stone. Crushing the anchor stone causes the gate to open again and complete a reciprocal journey. Ceremonial casting of a dozen mages is used to cast the spell (Mazeriyan is not one of the participants), and in an instant the team disappears from Hebridonia and arrives in a small canyon within the rocky desert outside Nurain.

The team travels to Nurain, joining a trade road out of sight of the city to avoid arousing suspicion. They meet another group of merchants bringing Orluss into Nurain on Dewback, to sell in the marketplace. After an exchange of pleasantries, the merchants move on, and enters the city ahead of the team. After double-checking the counterfeit documents they were provided, the team enters the city and seeks out their contact to gather additional information.

They find their contact, Fairuza Drabien, in the Kyeseryl Vasan ("Desert Mirage"). She knows some of the guards that handle the mana slaves that serve in a secure facility near the center of town. It is assumed that this facility houses the communications room, among other things. They gain enough information to set a trap for one of the guards, and Rouden works his magic to extract some vital knowledge of the facility. The team infiltrates the area around the facility, and waits for a group of mana slaves to exit. The guards are quickly dispatched, and their clothes are used to enhance several of the team members disguises.

The team infiltrates the facility, locates the communications room, and disables the two Demarians who are working the room. There are almost 100 boxes, and it takes some time to apply the magical paper to the bottom of each. Rouden spends the time massaging the memories of the two Demarians so that they will not think anything unusual has happened. The team manages to complete their work and exit the facility without detection. They return to the anchor stone outside the city, and successfully use it to return to Hebridonia.

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