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The primary calendar used in the Provinces of Dalnor is based on the year it broke free from the Empire of Dracnos the Black. The elves keep a separate calendar (Elaftan). The Dracnarian calendar has fallen into disuse over the last century. The Tiefling calendar is not acknowledged south of the Division mountains.
Any Eladrin calendar system is not used in Dalnor.

Any differences in the calendars reflect differences in historical documents, written history or knowledge base.

The current year is 53 by Provincial reckoning and 169 by Elven reckoning and would be 1553 by Dracnarian.

Dracnarian Provincial Events
1200-1299 On going war between dragons and tieflings. Sealing of the Sol-Gate
1300-1399 On going war between dragons and tieflings. The end of the Tiefling Empire
1400-1499 Ill fated resurgence of the Tiefling Empire and the End of the Empire of Dracnos the Black. Chaos throughout the outer provinces.
1500-1522 0-62 Formal Founding of the Provinces of Dalnor

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