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This page provides a list of sample characters that you can use to play in a Hebridonia adventure. The characters can be used as-is, or as a starting point for your own creation. The character sheets are built from XML files and an SVG template, so if you'd like to make changes but still have a nice print out, download the associated XML file, make the changes and send it to me and I'll do the rest.

Elias Carren - A young human male Warcaster living in Kalen. (PDF) (XML)
Nara Shepard- A young female halfling rogue living in Kalen. (PDF) (XML)
Gulan - A bald, scarred male gnome currently in training to be a monk of the Fehrsa Ohnai. (PDF) (XML)
Jerran Dorthanson - A former sergeant of the Hebridonian army, now working as a caravan guard. (PDF) (XML)
"Pikes" Langsburn - A sailor, serving on a river ship named Dharma Elyse. (PDF) (XML)
Myron White - An elderly healer on the run from the Mage Corps. (PDF) (XML)
Barra - A goblin inventor. (PDF) (XML)

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